Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Letter to motivate to those who lost their love ! Matters of Heart

Arul Das Divakaran

Dear !
One of the best feeling that i have been in my life is "being in love".
When you are in love,the matter of whether you get your love or whether
you lose your love makes a big difference in our own lives.And i believe
losing your love is the beautiest of both ,what it ultimately leads to is
self-realization through lot of suffering and pain.I believe self-realization is
a very important phase in everyone's life and it takes time to realize ourselves.
Many doesnt even reach that level even after living through ages.Some
become successful and some doesn't.But earlier the better it is to self-realize.
And to arrive at this point in life ,there is no other better feeling than losing
your love.Most cases it must be the girl or boy you love.And also
may be it is your child,partner, friend,parents or let it may be anyone close
to your heart or let it be your love for nature.Though love is a purest feeling
of heart,i believe it also has some selfish intentions behind it.
And that selfish intention belong to the feeling called love itself
and not to the person who is in love.And most of the times,people
who fall prey for love severly are mostly un-selfish characters
may it be man or woman,i believe.And the ultimate self-realization
happens from with-in to such people and ultimately love wins though
you lose your love.As we all are and were born and brought up
in a protected social environment, when we grow up in the process
we get influenced a lot by the environment we grow-in.And our thoughts
are influenced too and our beliefs are constructed under such influences.
The characters that we become never becomes self-made ,rather it
becomes a manipulated creation of what the society thinks.
All this results in blindness to the self.Everyone grows with this blindness.
The social environment creates this blindness in everyone.
Those who sees the self ultimately are those who overcomes the
fears for breaking your such beliefs and many such thoughts that are falsely built
in you.But to do this needs a lot of guts,courage and braveness.
How do we get this?We achieve this only after going through so much
of pain and suffering.The more un-selfish person you are,The more you can
be in pain and suffering the more the chance you have; to earn more,courage
and guts.You learn to bear the pain and suffering stops bothering you,
you start opening your eyes by which you can start looking at your own self.
Then more the chance of self-realization. And every self-realization leads
to self-correction which leads you to ultimate conciousness.
In the end You are the winner !
I wish you to be successful and have a good life ahead !
Be brave and don?t fear to lose your love !
Also Learn to be in Love Again !

I learned this when i lost my job at montalvo bcoz i loved my job.
Thanks to infineon,i am in Love again

Regards ,
Arul Das Divakaran


Radhika Nair said...

Is t an open love letter dear?

Radhika Nair said...

Loving n Losing then leading to a self realization should not end up in accepting anyone who comes in your way - that's the worst part of life - Compromising - A person in pain is vulnerable and susceptible.

Losing your strength (of inferring/ judgment)to disappointments in life could be suicidal.

Anonymous said...

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